Leadership Team Openings

If you would like to learn more about any of the following roles, please reach out to volunteer@leaninseattle.org.


Website Manager

Will update content on the website. This person should feel comfortable working with Squarespace but does not need design or development experience.

Newsletter Writer:

Will craft the newsletter after each event. This person should feel comfortable writing using Mailchimp.

Video Transcriber (Video Editor)

Produces videos with captions to honor Lean In Seattle’s D&I policy.

Use transcribe tool available on YouTube - this individual will not need to transcribe from scratch - YouTube feature does most of the work, this role involves editing. Clipomatic app - great for short live videos. Available on iOS only. App does live transcribing in 25+ languages. Video transcriber needs to edit before posting live on social media

Venue Coordinator

Will require reaching out to various locations to create a store of locations we could potentially use for various events. This person may also be the contact for scheduling a venue as well as coordinating with the venue for specifics in the lead up to the event. Must be comfortable with making calls and coordinating in-person visits to determine if the space is a good fit for our events.

Partnership Coordinator

This person would look for organizations that share similar values to Lean In and work out partnerships for events, content, etc. A person in this role would ideally be great at building working relationships.


Event Coordinator/Day of Event Logistics Coordinator:

This person will make sure the event logistics flow smoothly from making sure social media is posted to setting up the event space day-of, getting the technology to work, coordinating clean up, etc. This person should have good organizational skills, be good at project management, event planning experience is a plus, be a self-starter, and be good at holding the event teams accountable.


Circles Support:

This person will work closely with the Circles Strategy Lead and will help execute on the strategy including measuring active circles, creating resources for moderators, coordinating with the website manager to update circle information on the website, and analyzing circles data.

Circles Strategy:

This person leads circle strategy including determining what our strategy should be for engaging circles, providing resources for circle moderators, helping members find circles, and keeping track of active circles. Will work closely with the Circle Support role.


Data Analyst

Create surveys and share insights with the team. Analyze event data and social media, etc. Sources include MailChimp, Eventbrite, Squarespace, Linkedin, Facebook, etc.