Chapter Development Summit

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Microsoft Building 27


Come join us for a roundtable discussion on the next evolution of our chapter!

The first six months of Lean In Seattle’s 2017 were epic—our chapter grew from 2,000 to 3,500 members, we hosted Sheryl Sandberg in Seattle, and we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Lean In Women Veterans partnership. And we had a blast celebrating the milestones that so many members had along the way!

Sparking an Evolution

During this same period, a transformative phenomenon happened within our organization: More than 100 chapter members raised their hands to express interest in becoming a leader in the chapter and getting more involved. Some asked how to be a Circle moderator, or how to contribute in a chapter project area, or how to join the leadership team. This momentum prompted the current leadership team to look for ways to transform our leadership structure and open opportunities for more members to contribute to the Lean In Seattle movement. Please join us to fan the flames!

About the Summit

On August 19, Lean In Seattle will host a two-part Chapter Development Summit. We welcome you to join us as we reflect on our growth and re-envision the future of Lean In Seattle. Our goal is to enable a broader group of leaders to contribute to the chapter. Your contributions will help to shape the next steps for our community.

Part 1 | Reflection + Celebration | 1011am

  • Review chapter goals
  • Cut Down the Net: A celebration of reaching chapter goals
  • Reflection on lessons learned from 18 months of powerful growth

Part 2 | Moving Forward + Strategizing | 11am1pm

  • A vision for empowering more leaders
  • Introduction of the Lean In Seattle Chapter culture handbook
  • Introduction to Pop-Up Circle framework and guidelines
  • Chapter leadership framework and path to the executive team


  • The event and parking are both free, and the location is accessible
  • We’ll serve refreshments
  • We'll check you in at the door
  • If you can't join us for the whole session, we encourage you to join for Part 2 from 11am–1pm
  • If you can stay longer than 1:00pm, we'll serve lunch and continue to work together