What to Wear Workshop: You, Your Body Image & Your Personal Style

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Visette Boutique

We have an extraordinary and thoughtful panel workshop prepared where we tackle big issues like body image, your personal style, and what to wear on that interview!

Panelists include:
Boudoir Photographer Dana Kae
After The Uniform founder Shahna Glover (Ret. Army)
Visette Boutique owner Visal Sam
...and many more!

Come ready to get real with the conversations we all deal with - how do I love my body, present myself to the world, and ROCK that interview?

Veterans + Civilians welcome. We are going to hear some extraordinary stories on what it's like to transition from a military uniform to private sector life. If you've served, you need to be a part of this conversation. If you've not served, you need to hear this emotional and gripping reality that will leave you forever changed. 

Come ready to weep + to party + to learn + and to connect with our wonderful Lean In Seattle integrated veteran and civilian community.