EMPOWER YOUR FINANCIAL SKILLS: Inclusion + Education For Economic Advancement

Ownership + Contribution Series

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Equipping and empowering all women with financial acumen and skills development equates to moving women forward. This event is intentionally inclusive and we will break down barriers women are facing in personal finance and decision making.

We are eager to welcome several highly respected speakers and trainers to this workshop to share how Lean In Seattle members can reach their economic goals both personally and professionally–learn more about this special series and save your spot on Eventbrite.

After the UN discovered unbalanced exposure to economic opportunities and an exclusion from financial decision-making are setting women and minorities back from achieving an equal economic footing, we were inspired to host this event and knew we needed to take action.

  • On November 4 at Galvanize, Lean In Seattle welcomes several highly respected speakers delivering keynotes and trainings focused on providing skills, knowledge and tools to achieve economic opportunities as a means of moving women forward.

  • Further, our panelists will host workshops focused on diverse financial scenarios for breaking down economic barriers and exclusions. Regardless of your background, education and/or current economic status, there is a place for you to gather tangible actions to influence your economic goals!

  • We will learn financial skills together in the safe, supportive and welcoming environment we’ve fostered here at Lean In Seattle.

After the panel, breakout sessions will focus on these topics:

  • Focused on establishing your financial future in the United States? This workshop is for expatriates, international students, and individuals new to financial skills in the U.S. Chaitra Vedullapalli, one of our favorite partners, will be leading this workshop.

  • Looking to start your own business? Already run one? Audrey Goodwin will share best practices for entrepreneurs or potential entrepreneurs emerging from different life scenarios.

  • Planning for your future? April Wilson, Cecile Nguyen and Alexa Meyers from Pacific Capital Resource Group will take a deep dive into financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and building assets.

Join us for an authentic conversation, learning directly from women who’ve been there. We are eager to break down the barriers women are facing in personal finance, decision making and overall economic empowerment.

Bring a friend or family member and get ready to up your economic empowerment with us at Galvanize on Nov 4 from 9am–12pm.


Workshop: Establishing Financial Skills in the United States

This workshop is for expatriates, students or recent graduates, recent transplants to Seattle, and any individuals new to building financial skills in the U.S.

Leader: Chaitra Vedullapalli, one of our favorite partners for her work addressing Digital Inclusion and the digital readiness of small and medium-sized businesses, and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #8: Promote sustained, Inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.

  • Chaitra serves as CMO of Meylah, a premier global Cloud Solution Provider whose vision is to empower a million small businesses so they can thrive and provide a strong foundation for global economy using modern technologies.

  • Chaitra is also Lead Architect for Ignite Washington which provides access to policy development, digital transformation workshops; accelerator labs, a Digital Readiness Assessment and starter kit for small businesses, and annually hosts the Innovate Her Pitch Contest. In addition, Ignite WA is rolling out Women in Cloud initiative to empower female tech entrepreneurship.

Workshop: Taking Control of Your Financial Future

A team of three highly skilled Financial Planning professionals from Pacific Capital Resource Group will take the group will take a deep dive into financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and building assets.

  1. April Wilson, CFP® is a nationally recognized speaker and advocate for financial education will share her nearly 20 years of expertise in financial planning for women and those most dear to them.  
  2. Cecile Nguyen, MBA | Wealth Strategist | Cecille is a Seattle-area champion for financial empowerment through education in order to help her clients incorporate the most efficient strategies into their financial plans.
  3. Alexa Meyer is based in Bellevue and provides clients with planning for various aspects of life. She meets with clients to discuss and review their goals and objectives, and then works with a team of advisors and specialists to provide each client with a strategy that uniquely serves his or her short- and long-term goals.

Workshop: Mindset, Beliefs, and Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Looking to start your own business or already run one? Take a deep dive into best practices for entrepreneurs to launch, register as a Women and Minority Owned Business, and developing your strategies for reaching your maximum economic potential.

Leader: Audrey Godwin of Resilient Business Solutions is an award-winning entrepreneur and champions for women’s economic development with over 30 years of experience as a CPA/CFO. Her insights, strategies and tools within the Positioned 4 Profit™ system help smart, decisive, contribution-minded women business leaders know their numbers and increase cash flow and profitability with less stress and worry. Her mission is to educate, equip and inspire women to become financial masters, keeping more of what they make and having the option to leave a financial legacy that is meaningful to the people and causes they love. 


Ashlea Elliott | Lean In Seattle Leader | Diversity + Inclusion
Ashlea brings a level of noticing and dialogue to the conversation about Diversity and Inclusion in the Seattle Chapter. She promotes dialogue about complex identities, dimensions of difference and inclusion and ways to promote belonging for all members. Ashlea holds leadership positions with Lean In, JCI (Junior Chamber International), and the United Nations Foundation (UNF), and serves as a recruiter for teams in high-tech and international development.