Rest & Recuperate Like an Olympic Athlete

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Microsoft Building 27 

Each of us has mastered burnout, now let's change the game and master REST! 

This month we host U.S. Olympic athlete Nicole Davis (volleyball 2008, 2012) as she shares 4 powerful pillars of recuperation: Sleep well, eat well, move well and think well. These techniques have been around for more than 2,500 years and are utilitized by Dr. Michael Gervais and Pete Carroll to create a high-performing culture within the Seattle Seahawks and international companies. 

In this session, we'll learn the benefits of mindfulness training and practice techniques that can be used regularly to help you stay connected to what is important. Nicole will share why “think well” is the most important. In order to recover and reload from performing at a high level, we must ensure that our mind is healthy and ready for the next challenge.

To get the most out of our June 4 workshop, we have some prep docs / homework and a brief video.

Here is the worksheet: 

For tips on filling out your primer, watch this video with Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll where he explains how he developed his own philosophy: