Brand Strategy Workshop

Saturday,January 10, 2016

Green Lake Village, Community Center

Join us for Part B of our powerful Lean In brand strategy work, the sequel to our kick-off on 12/6. We'll be hands-on with host Cordila Jochim in an engaging workshop dedicated to building a successful brand for you and your business.

10:00AM Kickoff (10 min)
- Recap of last meeting & values restatement
- Shout out to Lean In Rome
- Social media & Lean In: 2016 plan & meet Jonna Bell
- How to get involved: Lean In Seattle roles needed

10:15AM Workshop (1.5 hours)
- Workshop intro
- Intro process
- Intro facilitators
- GO!

11:40AM Next Event (10 minutes)
- Next Event: CVI intro and Theresa McKenna

11:50AM Small Circles (10 minutes) 
- Maximizing small circles: How to engage & meet Alicia Boaz

Remember to complete the "homework" assignments before our session on Sunday. Doing so will make the workshop experience richer and more productive for your own needs!