Transitions, Courage & Risk with UW Professor Cate Goethals

Saturday, April 2, 2016

University of Washington, Foster School of Business

We are always in transition - whether it's a job transition or a personal transition. "I think so many of our chapter members find themselves in transition," I said to Cate Goethals. "Good! They should be!" she answered.

Come to our April 2nd meeting to discover why (on earth!) being in a time of transition is not only an OK place to be, but even a desired state of being - requiring courage and risk.

In this workshop, you'll learn about navigating through "active transitions" from UW Adjunct Professor Cate Goethals. She is the founder and director of three programs at the Foster Business School that connect women leaders and global companies. Her “Women at the Top” class was recognized by Forbes as one of the 10 “most innovative” MBA classes, and she has created more than 15 other university level courses focused on women’s leadership, global business, and diversity in the C-suite. Cate has recently completed a major study of the impact of women on boards of directors.