Nailing an Interview - Insider Tips from Amazon Recruiting & VetTechTrek CEO

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Amazon HQ

Lean In Seattle & Lean In Women Veteran's July workshop features a panel of experts with advice on finding and landing jobs within companies that fit your interests, skills and values. 

As part of our Lean In Women Veteran's pilot program, a portion of the content will be dedicated to veterans transitioning to civilian jobs and a separate portion will be dedicated to general public members. Please reserve a ticket that fits your background.

Our panel will be prepared to answer:
- How do I know which jobs to apply for?
- What should I look for in a company? 
- I want to transition to a new industry/career, how do I translate my experience so hiring managers understand the relevant experiences I've had? 
- Most of my past experience has been within a team environment, how do I talk about my individual contributions?

Whether you're planning to attend in person (be sure you're RSVP'd on Eventbrite), view remotely (no RSVP necessary), or just want the top most highlights, we have a worksheet for you to review and prepare for our workshop. It's a guide put together by VetTechTrek CEO Brook Jones-Chenetti on how to prep for core interview questions.

Final list of panel experts will be posted soon and event location will be sent to registered attendees!