Real Talk: The C-Suite—What It Takes and How to Get There

Skills + Capacity Series

Saturday, October 7, 2017


On October 7, it’s time to get real. In a new style of masterclass workshop, we at Lean In Seattle will be tackling big, meaty, actionable content designed to work as a quantum leap to our mission of moving women forward. After the Lean In and McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace study found that in 2015, 90% of new CEOs were promoted or hired from line roles, and 100% were men (with women holding only 20% of SVP level line roles), we knew that line roles + the C-Suite needed to be a hot area of focus. So, if you want to get to the C-Suite, be a part of critical business conversations, or learn how to create your own path to both, do.not.miss.this.  

This session will cover:

  • A day-in-the-life of a CEO
  • The things that keep C-suiters up at night
  • The things you never knew you absolutely needed to know
  • The skills and experience that got you a seat at the table
  • Line-role* holders—what’s needed to be considered, promoted, and successful
  • Breaking down the P&L
  • Resume review workshop with executive recruiters and career coaches
  • And more!

You will want to prepare for this session to get the most out of it. See our homework link here. It’s about to get real. Are you ready?


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*As Sheryl Sandberg mentioned when she was here in May 2017, a standard path to the C-Suite, and certainly CEO, is to hold a line role but few women do. Line roles are positions with profit-and-loss responsibility and/or a focus on core business operations. Staff roles are positions in functions that support the organization like legal, human resources, and IT. Lean In and McKinsey's Women In the Workplace study found that in 2015, 90% of new CEOs were promoted or hired from line roles, and 100% were men (with women holding only 20% of SVP-level line roles).  


9:00am   | Arrival
9:30am   | Welcome + Event Start
9:40 am  | Panel Introductions
10:30am | Hands-on Workshops
11:30am | Regroup for Closing Remarks
12:00pm | Event Wrap


You will have the opportunity to visit two workshops during the one-hour workshop period. The workshops are as follows:

Selina Petosa, Co-founder +  CCO of Rational Interaction
Workshop Topic: Creatives in the C-Suite: Getting There Your Way

Rose O’Dell, President of Thrive Property Management
Workshop Topic: Breaking Down the P&L

Rajalakshmi Subramanian, COO + VP of Engineering at
Workshop Topic: Building a Business Model & Executing Against It

Amy Hansen, Director of OEM Commercial Marketing + Strategy at Microsoft
Workshop Topic: Making your Resume Line-Ready

Additional Workshop Leaders + Topics

Venus Rekow, Executive Coach
Workshop Topic: Delegate + Elevate

Carolyn Parrs, Entrepreneurial Coach
Workshop Topic: The Importance of Personal Branding

Aditi Patil, Executive Coach
Workshop Topic: Common Skills Needed to Make It to the Next Level

Shian Chuan, Professional Coach + Corporate Trainer
Workshop Topic: How to Communicate Your Personal Brand Through Your Resume

Jessica McClure, Lean Out Coach
Workshop Topic: How to Connect with Your Why to Fuel Your Career Conviction

Maria Beah A. Henrique, Executive Recruiter
Workshop Topic: How to Craft Your Resume


1. Selina Petosa | Co-founder +  CCO of Rational Interaction
Selina has been a practitioner and influencer in the design and communications industry for over two decades. Working with Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, McKinsey, Google, AT&T, Sony, and Symantec, Selina has served as the digital partner for some of the most illustrious brands in the world. As founding principal and chief creative officer, Selina has helped transform Rational into one of the fastest-growing, most successful integrated marketing services companies in the Pacific Northwest. Since launching in 2009, Rational has grown from a two-person startup into a multidiscipline integrated agency with over 100 team members. The company has achieved unwavering year-over-year growth, including 10X top-line growth and a 9X increase in employees.

2. Rose O'Dell | President of Thrive Property Management
Exceptional property performance requires acute vision and great people, but without excellent systems and reporting, the best intentions get lost in day-to-day details. Rose brings a unique combination of property management, accounting and business acumen to Thrive’s portfolio. She oversees the daily work of property accounting to ensure the highest standards of financial accountability, while also employing her entrepreneurial instincts to refine and create systems that enable staff to focus on maximizing value and creating a true sense of community.  Rose received both her B.A. in Finance and M.B.A from Seattle University.

3. Rajalakshmi Subramanian | COO + VP of Engineering at 
Raji played a pivotal role in the latest round of financing for, securing $10 million to expand the technology-driven home improvement service into 10+ cities across the U.S. Prior to joining, Raji spent a significant portion of her career with Amazon’s Marketplace, AWS and Kindle groups along with a stint at running development for Yahoo Finance.

4. Amy M. Hansen | Director of OEM Commercial Marketing + Strategy at Microsoft
Amy is a global marketing executive who has successfully led new-to-the-world product development efforts, championed the revitalization of iconic brands, and spearheaded new channel and marketing growth strategies across multiple industries ranging from consumer electronics to water filtration. Prior to Microsoft, Amy held two positions at worked at Fluke Corporation. First, as the Global Brand Marketing Director, she focused on modernizing their go-to-market strategy with a pivot to digital marketing, customer lifecycle marketing and influencer engagement. She was then appointed to head a high-growth business focused on building a product roadmap aimed at white space and accelerating global lead generation and handling. Prior to Fluke, Amy was the Director of Product Management and Marketing at Culligan International responsible for revitalizing the household and commercial product lines and GTM strategy.


CORDILA JOCHIM | Strategy + Co-founder of Lean In Women Veterans
As Founder and Brand and Growth Strategist @ Corhouse, Cordila (Cor) boosts businesses and marquee projects through strategy, innovation and partnerships that dramatically increase growth and scale. Cor tackles projects from industries as diverse as fashion, finance, tech platforms and infrastructure, cybersecurity, eCommerce, and personal security services for global influencers and often takes executive team seats within her client’s organizations . Cor is also a strong and inspiring public voice speaking on leadership, knowing your value, and business and brand strategy.