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Challenging Scenario:
Out of Our League



During a discussion, one of your Circle members shares some sensitive information regarding an unsafe situation they are in (for example, domestic violence, alcoholic/addict partner, family member with mental health issues, etc.). It is clear they are in distress and Circle members would like to assist, but are not sure how to help. 


What you can do

In advance: At Circle kickoff, discuss what Lean In is and is not designed to handle. Circles are best suited for moving people forward toward their goals and the most valuable discussions focus on topics that support that momentum. Due to the relationships built, it will ideally feel like a safe space, but if a topic is brought up where members feel concerned for another’s safety, they may suggest seeing a mental health professional to discuss further.

As it’s happening: When someone is sharing something personal that you feel is outside of Lean In’s scope, thank the person for sharing and either recommend an outside resource for them then or privately after the meeting.

Resources include:

  • Domestic Violence Hotline

  • Al-Anon Information Services