Lean In Circle Moderators Spotlight

Urja Gandhi |    Contact Urja

Urja Gandhi | Contact Urja

URJA ModeratES the Seattle Tech Mentors Circle

I highly believe an influential 'mentorship' is beneficial in your career and those around you! Throughout my school life and in my professional career, I have had incredible mentors who have guided, supported and influenced me to dream big and achieve beyond imagination. To pay it forward, I started mentoring those who truly desire to grow and advance in their careers and realized that mentoring is a two-way street. I have learned a lot from my mentees as well.

When I came across LeanIn in 2018, I did not hesitate to launch a LeanIn circle for 'mentors' who can come together, share their experiences and learn from one another by promoting mentorship!

"Seattle Tech Mentors" is a professional network of wonderful people from diverse work experience in Technology, who bring their mentoring experiences and learnings to the group and share ideas and tips for a great mentoring relationship.

The best part is that some of my own mentors and mentees are part of my circle! As a leader of this circle, I have gained so much knowledge about the variety of perspectives that exist in the work industry and have improved my leadership skills by learning to never underestimate myself. An important message I have learned is: "None of us get to where we are or where we want to go, on our own!" 

Chelsea Behrens |    Contact Chelsea

Chelsea Behrens | Contact Chelsea

CHELSEA ModeratES the Dreamers and Achievers Circle

I've been a Circle Moderator since January 2017.  Prior to joining the Lean In community and starting our Circle, I was unaware of many of my leadership skills.

Being a Moderator has not only taught me that I am an influential leader, it has energized me to elevate others into leadership.

My vision as a Moderator is to see our Circle Members advance professionally and personally, achieve their dreams, and to create more  leaders so that we can share the positive impact of what we've experienced.

Jenifer Keating |    Contact Jenifer

Jenifer Keating | Contact Jenifer

JENIFER ModeratES of the Lean In Snohomish County Circle

When I started with Lean In Seattle, I was a new manager in my organization. I oversee a work group of about 10 young adults and leading them requires me to be adaptive and compassionate. My organization's structure does not lend to the "soft" skills and I've had to grow these through my involvement with Lean In. Being a Circle Moderator has also helped me to learn to prioritize and keeps me motivated to progress and develop professionally."

Ketki Zaveri |    Contact Ketki

Ketki Zaveri | Contact Ketki

KETKI ModeratES THE Make an impact with your strengths circle

I started my Lean In Circle around the second quarter of 2018. In the last few years, I've been a part of multiple Lean In Circles across different cities and continents. I admired how other circle leaders grew their circles with so much confidence. This inspired me to start my own Circle. 

Our Circle meets once a month. This Circle has helped me build a great network. We've created a space of trust where each one of us can discuss any topic without hesitation. I also feel that I have started leaning into my professional and personal life with so much more confidence" 

Brittany Flajole |    Contact Brittany

Brittany Flajole | Contact Brittany

BRITTANY ModeraTES THE Eastside Lean In Circle

I’ve served as a circle moderator since 2013 and have gained great confidence in my leadership skills. I am able to show up authentically and know that my circle members will help me to continue growing and achieving my ambitions. 

Marissa Iannarone |    Contact Marissa

Marissa Iannarone | Contact Marissa


I have gained incredible gratitude for the brilliant, passionate, and driven women in this group. I have learned that sometimes all it takes is for someone to put out the invitation, and magic happens. I've had to hone my facilitation skills, gotten more comfortable with challenging conversations around membership, and have identified my ability to bring people together and network as a valuable skill set. Women face similar challenges across all industries, and the group as become much more of a professional support network than I had expected. I look forward to every meeting, and when we stay chatting and sharing, past the scheduled time and way past my bedtime, I don't miss the sleep because it's worth every minute. 

Lisa Weber |  Contact Lisa

Lisa Weber | Contact Lisa


I’m 58 years old, and some of the Lean In messages weren’t quite landing with me, so I started the Lean In After 50 Circle to focus on our unique perspective. It’s like coming home at last, to a warm group of professionals who are working on the same issues that I’m facing. We are all leaders in our Circle. Most of my work is facilitating our ongoing conversation and accountability to each other for moving the needle on our individual journeys.