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Challenging Scenario:
One Is the Loneliest Number



Your new Circle has been formed, and early on you realize that most members have a lot in common and one member is different. 


  • One member is much older or younger than the other members

  • One member has a different education level than other members

  • One member has a very different kind of job than the other members

  • One member doesn’t have kids and the rest of the members do


What you can do

In advance: At Circle kickoff, explain that sooner or later, we will discover our commonalities and our differences. It’s important for all us all to feel included, so try to find the common thread between us all—there always is one!! 

As it’s happening:

  • Be the “only” person’s ally. Ask about their circumstances and what their specific situation is like. If everyone is talking about challenges with time management regarding kids, ask the member without kids about the challenges they face balancing their personal life with their career goals.

  • Steer the conversation towards more general topics that are relatable and apply to everyone. If someone talks a lot about her business school classes, take the general concept and ask others what they think about it..