The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and Center for Women Veterans have joined forces with Lean In Foundation to form Lean In Women Veterans. This program combines the global and supportive community model of Lean In with the unparalleled leadership skills of women veterans to provide a rich environment for all women looking to advance their careers and grow their leadership capacities. 

Backed by the VA | Center for Women Veterans and the Lean In Foundation, we are creating tools, programming, workshops, and events geared toward helping women veterans achieve their career goals. 

We believe access to the bar-none, fierce and fabulous Lean In community + the unequivocal leadership skills and capacities of our women who serve(d) equals a unique workforce primed to do amazing things. 


As women veterans go from active duty to veteran status, this transition means a loss of connection to community and a loss of the contribution they were accustomed to making on a global scale. For mission-driven individuals accustomed to functioning with esprit de corps, these dual losses can be devastating.

Currently, there is nothing to fill this void.

   Source: VetPop 2014, Table 6L and   U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Source: VetPop 2014, Table 6L and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

A meaningful program requires a solid action plan.

Our goal over the next six months is to bring together the best minds in the communityveterans, hiring managers, business owners, CEOs, specialists, and government representativesto develop a turnkey program that addresses the core vectors: awareness, engagement, and outreach. After the program is developed, we intend to launch this program in Lean In Circles and Chapters throughout the world.

We have established three pillars for success. Spread the Vision: Build awareness by recruiting veterans, civilian supports, hiring managers and business owners to support these incredible women and men. Work the Model: The Lean In model creates a unique opportunity for women looking to make solid advancements and meaningfully contribute to the community at large. Be a Resource: Establish meaningful partnerships and physical resources to help measure and spread success.



We are in beta and need the brightest and best minds at our table. Check out a few ways you can get involved.



Build awareness

Show your support

All military personnel have a rank listing that comes before their name, or "call sign." This rank can include Captain, General, Lieutenant, Private for example. To show solidarity and support of the Veterans, we plan to execute a campaign called:


CS stands for Civilian Supporter. The rank is assigned to civilians in support of our campaign to help stand beside women veterans. Download a copy of the sign, write your name in the blank and post to your social channels using #CivilianSupporter to show your support for women veterans.

Create Shareable content

Help us create videos to spread the word.

  • VETERANS AND/OR ACTIVE DUTY: Tell us your story. What is something you need? What is something you want? What is something we can provide support for?
  • CEO: Why do you want to hire veterans? What do you value most in veterans?
  • LEAN IN MEMBERS: What impact has Lean In had on you? What do you think you might learn from veterans and active duty personnel?

Contact us below to share your stories.

Lean in seattle podcast

Do you know someone who might want to participate in a podcast interview? Are you a recruiter, a mental health professional or a veteran who has something to share? Contact us about participating!


Build engagement

Use a proven Model

Marry air support from the virtual chapter with a local boots-on-the-ground approach to make sure nobody is left behind.

We have started to establish local Circles in and around Seattle to help support women veterans looking for a career boost. The local Circles are composed of both civilian supporters and veterans to ensure unique perspectives and optimal support for everyone involved.




No program is ever complete without supporting deliverables and reusable materials.

We have identified 3 must-have deliverables to be created during the Pilot Program:

  • FIELD MANUAL (VETERANS): a document that specifies the adjustments that Veterans need to make to successfully search for, interview for, and land their desired job in the private sector.
  • INTEGRATION MANUALS (COMPANIES): a manual that assists companies (HR/Hiring Managers) with recruiting, interviewing, and accurately assessing the skills, training, and leadership capacities of former military personnel.
  • MENTAL WELLNESS (ALL): because mental health awareness and mental well-being are foundational elements in everyone’s lives but hold unique focus within this program, we will create a mental wellness manual that will also include information on PTSD and MST. 

Are you a writer, graphic designer, hiring manager or mental wellness professional? We need your help developing these resources. Contact us to learn how you can help!