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Think about what you want to get out of a Circle before you set out to join one. Since Circles are diverse in setting their purpose and structure, think about what is important for you. Commitment is key, so look for a circle that works with your location and schedule.

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Go to the Lean In Circles page for the Seattle Chapter to browse and find a Circle that resonates with your interests. Or see the featured Circles below eager for more members. Send a note to the Circle leader and ask to attend a meeting to see if it feels like a good fit!

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Active Circles Seeking New Members


Latinas in Seattle

Our mission is bringing together Latinas and Hispanics in the Seattle vicinity that are seeking professional support and camaraderie. This circle intends to provide guidance and add professional value to each other's lives and help women build a successful professional journey.

Location: Members' Houses
Day/Time: Second Thursday of the month at 6pm
Leaders: Laura Espriu, Ana Montalvan, Carolina Hileman

Seattle Creatives & Entrepreneurs

Open to all Seattle-area "creative types" and entrepreneurs of any genre—artists, musicians, small business owners, designers, performers, etc. Also open to anyone wishing to bring more creativity into their work and/or private lives! 

Location: Members' Houses
Day/Time: Meets monthly
Leader: Nikki Dee

Capitol Hill

This is a group for professional women who want to further their personal and professional development while having a bit of fun.

Location: Rotating cafés
Day/Time: Third Thursday of the month at 6:30pm
Leaders: Melissa Pelto

My Way Eastside

Lean in, lean out, shake it all about. There's no right way to dance through this life. You decide what success looks like and we'll support you to create it. Welcome to Lean In My Way!

Location: Issaquah / Bellevue / Sammamish
Day/Time: Monthly
Leaders: Rachel Rowland

Lean In After 50 (North Seattle)

After 50, we women often encounter a whole new set of perplexing challenges. Bring your unique “after 50” perspective to this Circle of likeminded women who will learn and grow with you. Expect support and inspiration for developing and executing your career goals. Look forward to revealing and rewriting your personal narrative to connect to your powerful inner strength. We value your expertise and life experience!

Location: Rotating home or café in North Seattle
Meets: Second Thursday of the month at 6pm
Leader: Lisa Weber

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