Want to Get Involved?

Looking to add experience and skills to your resume? Our chapter is volunteer-run and offers a variety of job-relevant volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Contribution areas: Events, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, Data Analytics, Communications, Social Media, Graphic Design, Public Relations, and more.

Email us at volunteer@leaninseattle.org


Contribution Lifecycle


Find areas you would like to contribute. What are you passionate about? How do you want to contribute your time, efforts and strengths?


Commit to an area of contribution and take ownership of it. How much time do you have to contribute? Does your contribution align with your goals? Are you able to commit to team norms?


When your commitment comes to an end, you will transition to a legacy member. Whether your contribution becomes misaligned to your goals or you just don’t have the extra time anymore, it is very common to have to transition out of your area of contribution and we have built in the flexibility to do so.


Lean In Seattle is run like a startup. To thrive here you will need to be flexible, agile, willing to proceed in contribution/duties amidst ambiguity, able to collaborate with a multitude of personalities.